ResponsibleAg growing and recruiting

ResponsibleAg growing and recruiting

"The ResponsibleAg organization announced its “registered retail facilities is now in excess of 1,900,” and the executive director has seen a “marked uptick in participation,” which he expects to continue.

“We are quickly becoming the ‘go to’ organization for retail compliance assistance tools and assessments,” said the executive director, Bill Qualls.

The 1,900 facilities are receiving a comprehensive compliance evaluation, as well as access to comprehensive compliance resources. The registration fee for this service is $150, which was set at a level to encourage participation.

There are at least 10 reasons for retail facilities to participate in ResponsibleAg, according to the organization’s leadership. Those are:

1. Avoid OSHA, DOT, DHS and EPA violations and fines.

2. Avoid employee injuries.


3. Prepare for emergency response."

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