Mobile phone technology helps farmers from Uganda

Mobile phone technology helps farmers from Uganda


"The L3F Uganda project, pioneered by graduates from Makerere University under the wings of Prof Moses Tenywa, has for the last two years provided timely and relevant information on markets, fertiliser application, right plant spacing, timely planting, diseases like potato blight and other important farm related information, to farmers in Uganda.

For the farmers in the sub-counties of Bufundi and Bubare, the communication device has solved their livelihood problems from the day it replaced the extension worker in providing timely and relevant farm information.

In the two sub counties, sorghum and potatoes are the main source of income. But, the challenges of growing and bringing the crops to the market do not stop at the volatile market prices, and bad road network. They extend to the lack of information on the right seeds, weather patterns, right fertilisers, pests and diseases - not forgetting the endemic lack of credit affecting farmers all over the country."

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